College brawl mod apk v1.3.2

Main Story: Ken’s Quest

Ken – Your friends have been ambushed by a gang known as the Red Cats. It’s your mission to recover the stolen belongings and restore order!

Anko – A secret plot has led to a gang filming you without consent. Although you weren’t present during the attack on your classmate, you must now rescue your friend from the gang’s clutches.

The game features 5 stages and 5 formidable bosses. In the extra mode, you’ll find 26 erotic animations and 6 images. Defeating enemies grants HP points, and engaging in intimate encounters restores your “ki.” Use HP points to heal yourself.

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college brawl apk

Anko’s Story: Ken’s Sister

You also get to play as Anko, Ken’s sister. Anko’s adventure includes 3 stages and 4 bosses, along with 10 erotic animations and 4 images in the extra mode. Defeating enemies makes them drop various foods, each with distinct HP effects. For example, Sushi restores 1 HP, Apple 2 HP, Ki boost, Chicken 5 HP, etc.

If Anko is attacked three times quickly, she becomes overwhelmed by the enemy’s advances. To revive her, press the “Revive Button” repeatedly.

College Brawl Download

About College Brawl

Dive into a challenging campus adventure filled with intense action and combat. In College Brawl, you play as Ken, a college student determined to help his friend. Traverse various parts of the campus while fending off the fierce Red Cats.

Initially, you start with basic fighting skills and limited resources. As you progress, collect rewards to upgrade your character and weapons. The enemies grow stronger at higher levels, so leveling up is crucial to success. Enjoy this thrilling brawl game!

Installation Issues

If you’re unable to install College Brawl, it might be due to insufficient device storage, poor network connection, or compatibility issues with your Android device. Check the minimum requirements to ensure compatibility with your phone.

Downloading Old Versions offers the latest and all previous versions of College Brawl. You can download any version you need from there.

File Size

College Brawl requires approximately 49.1 MB of storage. For a smoother installation, it’s recommended to use the website to download College Brawl on your mobile device.

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